Martin y Coll. Flores de musica vol. 1 Part 8 (PDF)

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MS 1360
Tocatas alegres de Corelli .
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Martin i Coll (Flores de Musica)
Madrid’s National Library holds numerous old Spanish musical
treasures, some of them of great antiquity. Amongst them, a
collection of four sheet-music volumes for keyboards, all
handwritten, dating back to the 18th century. Their titles are: Music
Flowers, Delightful garden of soft music flowers, Pleasant orchard of
various music flowers and again, Music flowers. It’s a compilation of
the monk and organist Franciscan Catalan Antonio Martin and Coll
(c. 1680 – 1734), who practised as organist and professor at San
Diego Church in Alcala de Henares and later on as lead organist at
Madrid’s San Francisco el Grande Basilica.
Martin and Coll ordered copies to be made containing keyboard
sheet-music from the 17th century up to the first decades of the 18th
century, mainly for organ and liturgical purposes. Other non-strictly
liturgical pieces are included, for more secular traditional
instruments, such as the harpsichord. Genoveva Galvez, an
outstanding harpsichord player, teacher and musicologist is
responsible for this edition, promoted by the San Dámaso Arts and
History Academy of the Ecclesiastic Province of Madrid. As a
harpsichord player and scientist she stood out for her search for the
authentic sources and historical documents.
Professor Galvez is a guarantee of fidelity to Martin and Coll
manuscripts, being also relevant her own musical contributions to
the here published repertory. Not in vain, Genoveva Gálvez has
lectured at Baroque Harpsichord and Music, in Madrid, and also at
the prestigious International Music Courses in Santiago de
Compostela. Resulting in a great experience for Spanish keyboard
music from which it has left an unquestionable testimony in
numerous recordings from that time.
Thanks to this publication we trust that the great Franciscan
organist’s legacy will be popularised reaching the most secluded
places as a sign of an increasing need for spirituality