Album: Music Through Time (Book 1 Grades 1-2)

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Album: Music Through Time (Book 1 Grades 1-2) Flute and Piano

  • Editorial: Oxford University Press
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • ISBN: 0-19-357181-1

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A collection of repertoire books of enjoyable, interesting, and stimulating material for use in the early stages of learning. Pieces are in chronological order, with brief notes placing them in history.


Despres: El Grillo

Praetorius: Gavotte

Handel: March

Bononcini: Bella Vittoria

Oswald: Minuet from Airs for the Four Seasons

Mozart: Slave Dance from The Magic Flute

Haydn: Minuet from the «Surprise» symphony

Hook: Menuetto

Furstenau: Ecossaise

Beethoven: Air Russe

Schubert: Landler

Concone: Allegretto Cantabile

Boehm: Du, Du

Brahms: Cradle Song

Sullivan: Prithee, Pretty Maiden

Granados: My son Eduardo

Debussy: The submerged Cathedral

Joplin: The Augustine Club Waltz

Janacek: Tovacov, Tovacov

Satie: What little Princess Tulip says

Satie: Pierrot’s Berceuse

Harris: Wistful Waltz